Tropical Wedding Flowers: Are You Wild Enough For These Blooms?

Are you thinking of featuring tropical wedding flowers in your bouquets, arrangements and body flowers? Whether your wedding day venue can be a hot sandy beach or an ice palace, tropical wedding flowers reflect beauty, elegance and pure luxury. You are that which you carry as being a wedding bouquet along with your bouquet should reflect your personality. And so I ask you, have you been wild enough for tropical blooms?

If you are a classy lady, love elegance and don`t mind standing out in a very crowd, tropical blooms may be perfect for you. Since flowers can be a work of genius, artistic, exotic and contemporary women could be ideal for deciding on a bouquet of tropical flowers. The theme of your wedding can also influence the selection of flowers. Tropical blooms in many cases are used for beach weddings. In exotic locations, tropical blooms are prominent and easily obtainable. The sight of tropical blooms conjures up images and feelings of warmth, freedom and lazy days relaxing. The vibrancy of colorful tropical blooms will attract joy, love and faithfulness to the wedding.

What kinds of tropical flowers work nicely as wedding blooms?

Three of the most popular flowers from the exotic variety are anthuriums, bouvardia and many of orchids.

Anthuriums can be a very striking and unique flower. In the shape of a heart, these flowers obviously symbolize love and also hospitality. Dare to use these exotic beauties in your bride’s bouquet and arrangements and prepare to draw compliments and wonder. They are so beautiful, long-lasting and robust that they almost don`t look real!

Bouvardia however is often a feminine star-like flower that leads to some bouquets that seek a slightly exotic feel. White, pink and red, these delicate looking flowers grow in clusters on thin branching stems. They symbolize enthusiasm as well as a zest for life and for the new union of marriage.

Orchids are a timeless favorite to become chosen as wedding flowers. Regardless of the kind of orchid, these beauties symbolize rare beauty, love, luxury, strength and classiness. No wonder they’re perfect as wedding blooms. There are huge amounts of orchids spreading their beauty throughout exotic locations in the world. Certain varieties are most favored for weddings: oncidium, mokara, cymbidium and dendrobium orchids.

Oncidium and Mokara Orchids are perfect using a bright wedding color scheme or a fall theme. In shades of yellow, orange and reds, find these blooms if you need striking and bold flowers that can add texture with an exotic flair to your wedding day.

Cymbidium Orchids are the quintessential large orchids featured in corsages, boutonnieres and occasionally in bouquets. These babies usually are not cheap and so along with them sparingly in corsages makes them affordable while being bold as timeless beauties.

Dendrobium Orchids are the lowest priced of the orchids and are avalable in a tasteful assortment of colors. They can add color, texture and shape for your bouquets and arrangements.