Top 5 Money-Saving Wedding Decorations

Here are 8 ways to make your wedding reception looks great while using the wedding decorations within a strict budget.

#1 Candles

Candles certainly are a popular choice for economical wedding decorations. They provide romantic and subtle lighting for your event with an inexpensive price. When dotted around your venue, they’re able to look stunning. Use them for the centerpieces, decorate large pillar candles at different heights or use floating candles. Tealights and lanterns in, around and outside your venue can look amazing.

#2 Balloons

Elegantly done, balloons could be successful wedding decorations for those which has a lesser budget. Balloons are actually versatile and significantly more affordable than a great many other options. You can do amazing things with balloons; a balloon arch, elevated center pieces, chair decoration, for something extra special you may also have a balloon drop at the end of the evening. Select balloons that tone along with your wedding colors.

#3 Wedding Photos

For wonderful, unique wedding decorations, find some pre-wedding pics with the two person. Put these photos inside inexpensive picture frames and you have wedding decorations that might be displayed anywhere.

#4 Fairy Lights

White or gold lights twinkle lights look beautiful. Use net lights for the backdrops, wrap them around branches and shrubs, string them throughout the head table, they will produce a magical glow when nightime arrives. Just steer clear of multi-colored lights which means your wedding decorations don’t unintentionally resemble Christmas is here early.

#5 Tulle

Not only is Tulle reasonably priced, you can easily work with and versatile. Drape tulle fabric around the head table, use it on the backs of chairs, wrap it around pillars, cover unsightly walls. For something spectacular you could even create a ceiling canopy. Tulle is available in a very variety of different shades which means you will not have to utilize all white either.