Looking For Cheap Wedding Flowers? This Out-Of-The-Box Idea May Cut Your Costs By 50% (Or More!)

I had to place this cheap wedding flowers tip up in an article. It’s not actually my idea, but I take full 100% credit for hearing it *smirk.*

If you book your wedding day over a weekend, you will find there’s potential up to four other brides having their wedding on the same weekend. You have potential bookings for

Friday Night

Saturday Morning/Afternoon

Saturday Afternoon/Evening

Sunday Morning/Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon/Evening

You is able to see where I am going using this type of already.

Contact all brides having their wedding on a single weekend and see if any of them are interested in sharing the identical flowers, centerpieces, and decorations and also split the cost. You probably can’t split the cost with the aroma in case you are performing a bouquet toss. And depending on themes and colors may very well not be capable of share everything, but it definitely is worth the time and energy to discover.

If you’ll be able to share with just one other bride, that is the 50% savings on which it is possible to share. Two other brides is often a 66% savings. And so forth. That is what I call cheap wedding flowers!

Getting talking to one other brides:

Well, you may have to work with a little bit of persuasion to find the venue coordinator to offer you the contact info. It might be good to book the venue first, make a relationship and rapport using the venue, then mention that you have an interest in losing costs and seeing if one of another brides on that weekend can share the flower costs along.

As an example, since you are meeting using the venue coordinator to discuss pricing of some element of your wedding (an excellent example is catering when the venue is catering the big event). With catering, you will find there’s lot of price flexibility. During your negotiation with your venue coordinator, it is possible to let on that you would like package X unfortunately you can’t afford it. Talk to whomever came along with you (spouse, relative) and start speaking about maybe other items you can cut in the budget a lttle bit in order to dedicate MORE money on the venue catering

(see where this is going? the implication may be the more cash saved in flower arrangements the more cash which is often employed for the venue budget )

Work in this maybe you’ll be able to uncover if other brides are prepared to share flower costs along with you at that time. It’s definitely worth a shot.

Just to put your expectations after listening to this idea I have not yet personally had any success with getting this kind of thing setup. But, again, it never hurts to ask (similar to the most the wedding vendor negotiations) and if it will happen, it’s actually a pretty big payoff!

Good luck! More cheap wedding flowers tricks to come!