Latest Trends and Ideas For Wedding Cakes

Today, nearly every imaginable structure might be made edible materials. Experts have divided cake making into numerous designs to make wedding cake selection easier plus much more personalized to the bride. Five new trends for 2019 are highlighted below.

Ethnic Character

Ethnic weddings are getting to be ever more popular really. Wedding cakes have begun to possess influences from the Asian, Latin and Middle Eastern cultures. Each may possess vibrant colors or elaborate decor for the cakes to enhance the theme from the wedding. The cakes might include spices of the Orient along with other exotic flavors to move the palate on the destination of choice.


Many in the brides are developing nostalgia for your earlier eras, such as the nineteen twenties. They are incorporating these themes inside their weddings. Bridal gowns are combined with lace and other elaborate embellishments. Many of the cakes are mimicking the bridal attire full of elaborate lacy effects and traditional embellishments that transport the couple to a new place in time.


Color is an awesome way to make the bridal cake a conversation piece. Brides of 2010 are not afraid to work with vibrant colors to express their creativity and playfulness. Culinary artists are incorporating lime green, fuchsia, purple, aqua, yellow, and orange inside their bridal cake designs. The results are stunning. Cakes have included a grayscale color scheme for a bold, yet elegant appeal.


Brides tend to be selecting prints usually featured on the bridal dresses or bridesmaids dresses and achieving it replicated for the surface in the cake. Skilled culinary artists can cause virtually any design imaginable. Paisley has become recreated around the cake, in addition to stripes and polka dots. Nearly any pattern the bride to be imagine having can oftentimes be replicated on the cake.

Wedding cake alternatives for 2019 give a number of interesting trends for your perfect reception. Nearly every trend will accommodate the tastes of all any bride. Brides can simply make a firm decision their theme for the wedding and select a bridal cake complementary towards the theme.