FAQs About Ring Bearers

How old can be a ring bearer ideally supposed to be?

A ring bearer can be quite a young boy between the ages of 4 and 10. The ideal candidate needs to have an unique link to your beloved partner and groom. He may be associated with them, or just be considered a family friend. He must have the need to certainly be a ring bearer for being able to take his role seriously. Avoid choosing someone who is way too young. They will just get scared and confused and will create more stress than charm. If your only options unsuitable or otherwise that in the area, there isn’t any have to have an engagement ring bearer – simply supply the rings to the best man to hold.

I have 2 nephews, both 7 years old. They would both be perfect as ring bearers but I don’t have any nieces or another significant female youngster to certainly be a flower girl. Can I have 2 ring bearers instead of an engagement ring bearer plus a flower girl?

Sure. There’s no reason you simply can’t have two ring bearers. They can each bring an engagement ring to the front with the aisle and walk down together. If you have a long train, they are able to instead be train holders.

I am thinking about having my young cousin as my ring bearer in my wedding. He will be about 1 . 5 years. Do you have any tips on how to make this work?

This is really young and definately will create stress. However, if your heart is scheduled into it, here are some options that can help get this to work. You would have him sit in a decorated wagon that he is accustomed to and have it pulled by someone he knows well, the mother, father, sibling or cousin. The wagon may be pulled for the front with the aisle to the awaiting arms of an mother, grandmother or other individual that the kid would want to go sit with. When a very young ring bearer is involved, the rings must be held from the best man or perhaps the tiny toddler may have a zippered pouch around his neck containing the rings. The contents will be removed with the best man when the time comes. If you are not fancy for the wagon idea, someone that is incredibly close for the child could simply walk him around the aisle in his/her arms and produce him towards the front in the aisle. If the child is comfortable while using Best Man or Maid of Honor, he or she could walk him down, one inch each hand, and contain the rings around his neck in a zippered pouch.

My ring bearer and flower girl will be several years old at the time in the wedding. Do you have any suggestions for a present on their behalf?

A decorated teddy bear is often a great popular gift for little ring bearers and flower girls The teddy bears might be the item that they can carry down the aisle or it could certainly be a gift presented to them after that their stunning performance on the aisle. The teddy bears could be plain, decorated or they can be dressed being a happy couple as a souvenir of your wedding. Many other ideas for gifts are possible depending on the little one’s tastes and interests. It could be considered a gift to keep them busy with the reception or through the day at and back from the wedding ceremony. Ideally, the gift would remind the little one with their role in your wedding. Teddy bears, t-shirts, mugs with the inscription of Flower Girl or Ring Bearer can be bought through many online sources as well as through local craft and wedding shops. To keep children busy in the reception hall, a good suggestion is to have a very designated kid’s table with toys and coloring books to maintain the toddlers from being bored and from trouble.

I desire to go traditional and still have my ring bearer walk around the aisle which has a pillow holding the rings. Any advice on just what the pillow will want to look like?

Since the task in the ring bearer is usually to carry the rings up to the front of the church to give towards the minister at the appropriate time for the blessing from the rings, this pillow should be beautiful and really should match with all the rest of the wedding theme and decor. Traditionally, the pillow should be white, either in the square shape or in the contour of the heart. The ring bearer pillows that you can buy in department stores, wedding shops, or online come having a bow on the top center with long ribbons trailing. These ribbons are created to attach the rings onto them. (Make sure to produce a knot that is certainly all to easy to undo by the minister!) Nowadays, pillows come inside a wide range of colors to match every bride’s color scheme. You can even get custom embroidered pillows now with your names and date of wedding with a monogram of the last name.